Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Morning Starshine

So my husband and I have a background in theater. We met in college--while we were in the same play. Suffice to say Noel Coward is very important to us. We supported local theater abundantly pre-baby Dot days but now it's a rare jewel of a weekend when we can find the time to attend an actual performance. But for the past two weekends in a row we have been able to attend a couple of performances thanks to the lovely grandparents. Last weekend we went and saw the musical HAIR at our regular theater haunt, The City Theater. The City Theater is run by our friend Andy and it consistently pops out good show after good show but HAIR, oh my word, it was phenomenal. I'm rather picky when it comes to theater and unfortunately I tend to be a bit harsh in terms of feedback and criticism--I blame my Dramatic Theory and Analysis class that I took in college a million years ago--I'm talking to you Dr. Charlton. But this show was amazing--nay, magical. The cast was so in sync and in tune with each other. You could actually tell that they were truly enjoying the primal experience of sharing their love, work, and music with the audience. You could see, smell, touch, taste and feel it. It was palpable. The love.

Let the sun shine in.



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