Friday, April 13, 2012


Dottie wanted to go outside the second we got home from school.  Dottie always wants to go "outshide" which is fine by me because I have some serious love for our backyard.  Oh and making Dot happy too.  But really, our backyard rocks my socks.  Our last house was this amazing 1917 farmhouse that we loved dearly, but it's yard was nuttin' but dirt and rock.  Not great for the little.  Here, we have this gorgeous, lush grass just ripe for barefootin' around in.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crazy week we're having, huh?

This week.  I can't even.  Don't get me started.  Let's just say I picked the wrong week to start a diet.  Scratch diet.  "Lifestyle change".  But looking towards the immediate future is brightening my mood a bit.  We are going to Austin to visit parent/grandparents and attend Daniel's childhood best friends wedding so it should be fun.  We'll get to break in the new honda with it's very first road trip.  It's excited.  It loves to drive. 

(me, tired at work.)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Afternoons

Growing up, Sunday afternoons and evenings were spent slurping soups, inhaling homemade hamburgers, twirling spaghetti, and devouring tacos with my big family at my parents house. My cousins (who at times felt more like siblings) and I would play in the muggy evenings of the southern summer until we covered in a layer of sticky sweat.  We played flag football and capture the flag----we would catch fireflies and challenge each other to intense games of foursquare. At some point one of the aunts or uncles would venture out of the house to wrangle us in for supper. Inside there was a large buffet of food and we would naturally form the familial assembly line--smallest kids first, then Grandma and Grandpa, then the rest of the kids, then aunts and uncles.  Laughter was everywhere.  Pure love radiated throughout the wooden walls and seeped out through the windows. Every year when summer begins to dwindle and the promise of a cooler tomorrow settles into a reality, I miss it.  I miss the love.  Even though is hasn't left, it's different.  Family is farther and I am older.  With autumn brings nostalgia and I am a sucker for a little nostalgia.  But now, that I have my own little family, it's time to begin a new kind of Sunday afternoon.  One that creates the kind of memories my daughter will remember with a wistful smile and a sigh full of nostalgia.

Shark Attack

So, my kid is awesome.

Just saying . . .

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Weekend

Last Saturday night Daniel and I went to see the play The Servant of Two Masters at the Emily Ann Theater in Wimberly. It was fantastic! Penfold Theater Co. rocks my socks. I only have these two pictures, but I'm planning on going out there during the day to show off the beautiful venue. You know what, I might actually take my Nikon instead of using my iphone. What a concept! (The older couple in the photo is not me or daniel, but they were delightful!)

Monday, August 29, 2011


I am kissing a plastic baby doll this very second. Dot decided that sleep was not on the agenda for tonight and has been wide awake since 11:45pm. Everyone always tells you the sleep issues work themselves out by now. I could understand a bad night every once in awhile, but my gal makes this a regular thing. Granted tonight is more extreme than usual, but damn, I'm tired. Like feel it in your bones tired. We have to "get up" for work in an hour. Lame. We have tried EVERYTHING to encourage better sleeping habits. From the tame to the extreme. Tonight though, I blame ice tea. We went over to Dan's mom's for dinner and hang out time and needless to say, Dot had a few glasses of the iced goodness. Thanks Laura. Me too I suppose. I poured the first watered down sippy cup. I only intended for her to have half a cup or so, but I think innocent enablers were bullied into refilling the cup by a screeching, almost toddler.

I really wish she looked like this right now: